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Written by John McCrevey   


Space Houston On Ten

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Allen, N5AFV, SHOT Newsletter Articles Mike, N5MT (ex KC5CP), DX Column

John, AD5IF
Certificate Manager

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The Space Houston On Ten (SHOT) Chapter of 10-X International meets every Tuesday evening 8PM Central Time (0100 UTC Summers and 0200 UTC Winters) on 28.488 MHz. Net Control and Chapter Head is Mike, N5MT (ex KC5CP). The Certificate Manager is John, AD5IF. To join the SHOT Chapter, you must be a member of 10-X International (see link below), work one Instant Qualifier (IQ) which is a member with the Enterprise Award (there is always one on our net each week) or 5 other SHOT members. You then submit for the Basic Award as shown below.

There are several awards available to those that wish to collect our paper

All awards are based on point accumulation. The  Basic Award is the membership certificate. It has a spot for the Hot Shot Seal endorsement. The next awards are all plastic State of Texas plaques approximately 4" x 4" and 1/16" thick. They are in order,  Mercury ,  Gemini and  Apollo The next award is the Enterprise award. It is a plastic United States plaque also about 5" x 3" and 1/16" thick. The final and Top award for the chapter is the  Discovery Award Certificate.

A specialty award is the Voyager Award and is given for those that have travelled to certain events. Some of the events that this award has been issued for are attendance at 10-X Conventions, the Hill Country Gathering and the Las Vegas Paper Chasers Bash. There is no certificate for this award and it increases your point value by 1.

How our chapter numbering is done

All local stations were numbered 1-200 and when these numbers ran out, the numbering started over at 1 with a prefix of L. Thus, 1, 15, 100, 101, 200, L1, L2, L100, and L300 would all be local members. Local members are allowed to keep their number if they move out of the area. All other stations are numbered 201 and up.  

What you need to earn our Awards
Effective March 1, 1998

  • Basic Award - Work one Instant Qualifier (an Enterprise member) or 5 contacts
  • Hot SHOT Seal - 15 contacts
  • Mercury - 30 contacts
  • Gemini - 45 contacts + 450 points
  • Apollo - 60 contacts + 600 points
  • Enterprise - 75 contacts + 750 points
  • Discovery - 1500 points (Must include 15 states, 5 locals or 5 Discovery Award holders, 5 YL's and 5 DX)
  • November Special has been discontinued.
  • Triple 10 Award - On 10-10-10 eighteen members made contact with at least one other SHOT member and were awarded 1 point for the Triple 10 Award.  No certificate will be issued for this award.  #1 N5MT, #2 NM5H #3 KK5W, #4 WS5H, #5 AD5IF, #6 AF5T, #7 KE5NDN, #8 K5NDB, #9 W5PF, #10 KC5NMR, #11 WX5I, #12 KE5OBY, #13 N5HNK, #14 W5PR, #15 DL5DX, #16 K5FBS, #17 KD5ITM, #18 N5DAS.       

The number of our Awards issued as of 01 March 2012

       • Basic Award - 421 Local members + 1411 Non-Local = 1832 Chapter Members
       • Hot Shot Seal - 1050
       • Mercury - 478
       • Gemini - 445
       • Apollo - 423
       • Enterprise - 377

       • Discovery - 81

       • Voyager - 190
       • Triple 10 - 18



What your Award is worth to others collecting points


  • Basic Award 2 points for local and 1 point for others
  • Hot SHOT Seal +1 point
  • Mercury +3 points
  • Gemini +5 points
  • Apollo +5 points
  • Enterprise +5 points
  • Discovery +10 points
  • Voyager +1 point

If you have all the awards up to Apollo, you would have 15 points (1+1+3+5+5). Locals would be one point higher.

    Submitting your SHOT contacts for all awards including the Basic


                                      Send your log in the following table format

                                                                         (Microsoft WORD Table preferred)

Seq #



UTC Time









John McCrevey, AD5IF 
2 Carlota Court
Houston, TX 77074

or by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

  If you wish to receive a plaque or certificate for an award, include $3.00 US/award.  If you do not wish a plaque or certificate a number only will be issued free.

Our Chapter is also active during all 10-X International contests.

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