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Written by Alfred Perez   

Flex Radio Systems SDR-1000 Software Defined Radio








SDR 1000 A






Screen Shot 1

SDR 1000 B
Screen Shot 2

SDR 1000 C







SDR 1000 D




SDR 1000 E







SDR 1000 F






Sound card

SDR 1000 G




Back Of Radio


  • Software Defined Radio
  • 100 Watt Output
  • CPU Loaded With Software and Fully Configured
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Soundcard
  • Monitor
  • Shuttle Pro2 Rig Controller
  • Excellent shape, ready to go. Very minor scratches, no paint abrasions.

The SDR-1000 Software Defined Radio Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a collection of hardware and software technologies that enable reconfigurable system architectures for wireless communications. SDR provides an efficient and comparatively inexpensive solution to the problem of building multi-mode, multi-band, multi-functional communications devices that can be enhanced using software upgrades.

The SDR-1000™ from FlexRadio Systems is the hardware component of a complete Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver interface to a Windows Personal Computer. It provides everything needed to convert a PC into a high performance, 11KHz-65MHz general coverage receiver with 160M-6M (2M optional) Amateur Radio band transmit capability.

The SDR-1000™ incorporates a novel Quadrature Sampling Detector (QSD) to provide high dynamic range with minimal components. An Analog Devices AD9854 quadrature DDS and 200MHz 1ps jitter clock oscillator provides continuous coverage with very low phase noise. The SDR-1000™ delivers 100W PEP (40w continuous) on the 160-10m (50W 60m) HF bands with the optional SDR-100WPA linear amplifier.

The combination of the QSD and DSP digital signal processing produces a transceiver that has superior performance over conventional radios and easily upgraded with new software features provided at no additional cost. Receiver dynamic range and selectivity are in the top performance class of all amateur radio transceivers.

Exceptional Features Including:

Easy to configure for remote control!

Radio is owned by and offered for sale by Brian Martin N5KIE

To purchase or for additional details contact N5VEV 832-380-5867
Leave a message for quick contact.

Sorry, no trades accepted at this time.

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