Ham Radio on showcase at library

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On January 18th, 2020, CLARC held an educational event at the Evelyn Meador Branch Library. The 90 minute presentation covered the basic elements of what amateur radio is, and what amateur operators do. This broad overview covered a brief history of amateur radio, communication types (including voice, digital, satellite, video) and the areas where hams contribute to the local community. A selection of radios were displayed, covering hand-held VHF/UHF, mobile rigs, HF fixed station, and an emergency communications go-kit provided through the courtesy of the Galveston County Emergency Communications Group. The event ended with a period of open Q&A, unit demonstrations, and HF reception via the Kiwi SDR radio internet network.

Presentation duties were handled by Kelvin Hickman (K5KGH) with assistance and additional insight from Curt Tallman (WB5UZZ) and John Paterson (KC5LAA). While there, CLARC donated two copies of the ARRL Technician Study guide and Mr. Paterson donated several issues of QST to the library.

CLARC was invited and hosted by Greg Fahey, young adult librarian at the Meador Branch, who we would like to thank for his time and kindness in letting us help spread information about amateur radio.